What is Scayul?

Scayul is a SaaS-based platform which facilitates partnership referral automation for eliminating the back-and-forth emails to make and get introductions.

Scayul provides the fastest, easiest and least complex way to share customer/partnership introductions whilst holding both parties accountable for introductions without eroding relationships.


How exactly does Scayul work?

Scayul eliminates the back-and-forth emails for introductions.

An example below:

Ray @Scayul would like to an introduction to Yvonne @Lilac and Blush.

Ray has an existing partnership with Brooklyn who has Yvonne in her Scayul page:


Ray requests for an introduction to Yvonne via Brooklyn's Scayul page.

Brooklyn receives an introduction requests to Yvonne and approves it.

Simmonds Approve


An email gets sent out immediately to Yvonne, with Ray cc'ed  from Brooklyn:

Ray Chau vs Yvonne Bentliegh-1

The email template is pre-defined in each user's Scayul page so the message is clear and consistent through all introductions.

To learn how to set up your Email Template and "Tell us about yourself", click here.