Getting started with your Scayul account

  • June 25 2023
  • Ray

How do I add contacts to my Scayul page?

  • Uploading Contacts - Manual Entry
    1. Go to Contacts.Click on Import Contacts.
    2. Complete all the mandatory fields (LinkedIn URL is optional).
    3. Click on Submit.
  • Uploading Contacts - Import Template
    1. Click on Import Contacts.
    2. Click on Download Contact Template.
    3. Open Contact Template that you have downloaded.
    4. Delete/Remove the “dummy” contacts
    5. Enter the Email Address under column A (mandatory field).
    6. Enter the First Name under column B (mandatory field).
    7. Enter the Last Name under column C (mandatory field).
    8. Enter the LinkedIn URL under column D (optional field).
    9. Enter the Company Name under column E (mandatory field).
    10. Enter the Job Title under column F (mandatory field).
    11. Once you are happy with your list of contacts in the template, save it.
    12. Click on Import Contacts.
    13. Select the saved contact template file.
    14. Click on Submit.
    15. The contacts that you have entered in the template will now appear under your Contacts.

How do I hide/show my contacts through my Scayul page?

    1. Go to Contacts.
    2. For the contact you wish to hide/show, click on Action (located on the far right column).
    3. Click on Hide so that the contact does not get displayed in your Scayul page.
    4. If the contact has been hidden in the past, click on Show so that the contact gets displayed in your Scayul page.

One of my contacts recently changed their job/company/email address. How do I change it?

    1. Go to Contacts.
    2. For the contact that requires updating, click on Action (located on the far right column).
    3. Click on Edit.
    4. You can now edit their details (e.g First Name, Last Name, LinkedIn URL, Company Name, Job Title).
    5. Click Submit to save your changes.

How do I set up my email template? 

There are two templates to be set up:

  • Email Template
    1. This email section is the start of the introduction email.
    2. You will want to include an encouraging message to build the partnership.
    3. For example;  "How are you? Listen! There's somebody I would like you to meet as I think you both can collaborate really well together!". 
    4. Click on SAVE to save your message.

Email Template


  • Introduction / Tell us about yourself
    1. This email section determines how you want partners to introduce you.
    2. Think about it this way - put yourself in your partner's shoes and think of how you would like them to introduce you to other potential partners.
    3. Essentially what you'd like to do here is exercise a little show-boating.
    4. For example; "This is Superman, he flies around the world at the speed of light, shoots lasers out of his eyes and lifts buildings with his bare hands. He makes a great actor for your upcoming film." 
    5. Once you are happy with your message, click on Save Changes.

Tell us about yourself


For a more in-depth explanation on how these templates interact, click here.


Where do I review introduction requests?

  1. Go to Approval Centre.
  2. Click on Approve for the introductions that you approve.
  3. Click on Reject for the introduction that you do not approve


How do I change my First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Job Title?

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Under Basic Info. you can amend your First Name, Last Name, Company Name and Job Title.
  3. Once completed, click on Save Changes.


How do I edit my Scayul page?

  1. At this stage, you can only edit the Header Image, Profile Image, Subject Header and Text Body. 
  2. To edit these, click on My Scayul Page,
  3. Click on the “Pencil Icon” for the sections you would like to change/edit. 
  4. The profile image’s recommended resolution is 78x78 pixels while the header image’s recommended resolution is 700x100 pixels.
  5. To update your First Name and Last Name, go to Settings and update it under Basic Info.


How do I share my Scayul page?

  1. On the top row of your Dashboard page, click on Share Your Scayul Page Now.
  2. Click on the blue icon to copy the link.
  3. You can now paste/share it wherever you like!
  4. Remember, you can change your Scayul page URL under Settings -> Scayul Link

I don't like my Scayul URL, can I change it?

Yes you can!
  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Under Scayul Link, you can amend the URL.
  3. When you are happy with your URL, click on Save Changes.
  4. Please note that if the URL is taken, you can’t use it. Select another URL.

Is it possible for me to have my introduction emails sent to a different email address?

Yes you can! For the introduction you have requested, if approve you can have them redirected to a different email address from the one you signed in with.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Under Basic Info., enter in the email address which you wish to receive introductions to.


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