Frequently Asked Questions



  • June 25 2023
  • Ray

What is Scayul?
Scayul is a SaaS-based platform which facilitates partnership referral automation for eliminating the back-and-forth emails to make and get introductions.

Scayul provides the fastest, easiest and least complex way to share customer/partnership introductions whilst holding both parties accountable for introductions without eroding relationships.


Is Scayul free to use?
We do offer a free 14-day trial for everyone without requiring any credit card information. You can also view our pricing plans or request a demo to discuss how Scayul can benefit your sales team.

What you use during your trial is what you'll be getting when you buy.

To start your free trial, click here. Click Start Trial Now and create your account.


How much does Scayul cost?
Current pricing information is always available on our Pricing page.


How do I request a demo?

You can request a demo here.



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